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Family-Professional Partners Institute

Building Partnership in Health Care Organizations

Families caring for children with special health care needs have valuable experience to offer health plans, pediatric practices, public health agencies and others who affect children's care.

The Institute harnesses that experience by working with organizations to develop roles for consumers that help shape programs, influence policy and impact the care that children and families receive.

Using a model it developed for recruiting, training, and supporting family partners and organizational partners with a partnership broker, the Institute has:

  • Created systemic capacity to recruit,
    train and support interested families and
  • Served as a partnership broker/matchmaker
  • Explored a variety of models and mechanisms for partnerships

Sixteen policy-level partnerships were established in clinical, academic and research, and health plan settings.

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Discover how the Institute's real-world family-professional partnerships are improving systems of care at all types of health organizations.


Working Together
The Institute's brochure.

The Power of Partnership
Booklet with partnership examples.

Structure and Spark!
An in-depth guide to the Institute's model of brokered partnership.

    - Hospitals, Pediatric Practices and Community Health Centers

- Health Plans

- Medical Schools, Schools of Public Health and Research Organizations

- Public Agencies

- Day & Residential Facilities