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Background Brief   Transition Issues for Youth with Special Health Care Needs in Massachusetts
This background brief provides the definitions and context needed to understand the critical issues facing youth with special health care needs as they move towards adulthood. It addresses the effectiveness of existing programs and services and includes a sampling of transition-related activities and resources in Massachusetts in 2003. A separate summary of findings and recommendations is also available.
October 2004

Projects & Presentations

Making Things Happen for Youth with Special Health Care Needs
Christina Fluet presents an update of the Consortium's activities
in response to the 2004 recommendations of the Transition Task Force.  Specifically, she outlines the Make Things Happen training program for care coordinators and the lessons it has provided.
October 2007

Make Things Happen: Health and Healthy Living
What are the challenges of promoting healthy habits to young people with special health care needs? What are key strategies to overcome those challenges? Pixie Plummer, MD, and Manu Thakral, RN, share answers in this excerpt from the Make Things Happen curriculum.
October 2007

Transition: Key Concepts
A one-page glossary of terms related to youth with special health care needs transitioning to adulthood and adult services.
February 2003

Publications & Surveys

Family Reflections: A Thought-Provoking Guide to Getting Help for Children & Youth with Special Needs
Central Massachusetts Partnership, 2005
Designed to supplement traditional resource directories, Family Reflectio
ns presents family stories, extracts parents’ concerns and matches them with specific resources in the community. Also included are guidelines for well-visits and transition at every stage of growth.

Optimizing Resources to Ensure Successful Transition to Adulthood for CYSHCN
Issue Brief 08, Champions for Progress, March 2005

At 18, Mental Patients Face Perilous Change
This Boston Globe article describes the perils of a system in which 18-year-old patients lose access to a broad array of state services at the same time they are granted adult rights � including the right to decline medical treatment.
February 2003

Reflections from a Different Journey: What Adults with Disabilities Wish All Parents Knew
Edited by Stanley D. Klein, PhD and John D. Kemp, with a foreword by Marlee Matlin.
Presents 40 stories by successful adults who grew up with disabilities. They provide insights into what it is like to persevere in the face of community prejudices, and what it takes for families and children with disabilities to work together toward fulfillment.
March, 2004


General Online Resources
Healthy and Ready to Work (HTRW) National Center
National Center on Secondary Education and Transition
National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities
Adolescent Health Transition Project
The Arc of Massachusetts: Transition Training Series
Pacer Center: Champions for Children with Disabilities
New England INDEX
Massachusetts State Resources
Reflections from a Different Journey: What Adults with Disabilities Wish All Parents Knew
Massachusetts Consortium for CSHCN Transition to Adulthood Work Group

Transition Planning Tools
Make Things Happen Transition Planning Checklist
HTRW's Transition Planning Tools & Checklists
Institute for Community Inclusion's Transition Planning Guides
NICHCY's Transition Planning: A Team Effort
Mapping Your Dreams: Making the Transition Team Work
Adolescent Autonomy Checklists
Transition and Beyond...Now What?

Activities of Daily Living
Turning 22 Independent Living Program
Massachusetts Independent Living Centers
Directing Care & Asking for Assistance
Travel Training for Youth with Disabilities
A Guide to Driving
How to Register to Vote in Massachusetts

Secondary Education
Massachusetts Department of Education: Special Education Parent Information
Massachusetts Department of Education: Special Education: Transition from School to Adult Life
Comparing IDEA, 504 and ADA
A Guide To Chapter 688: Massachusetts' Transitional Planning Program
Federation for Children with Special Needs
National Center on Secondary Education and Transition Publications

After High School: Higher Education, Vocational Training & Employment
National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth
Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
Options After High School for Youth with Disabilities
Vocational Assessment: A Guide for Parents and Professionals
Thoughts for Professionals on Increasing Family Involvement in the Planning, Development, and Monitoring of Supported Employment
Postsecondary Education Options for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
Open Directory: Links to Colleges' Disability Service Programs
Division on Career Assessment and Transition
Health Care Transitions � College and Beyond

Health Care & Healthy Living
Healthy and Ready to Work: Health Care Tools
Health Care Transition Workbooks
Since You're Not A Kid Anymore
Crossings: A Manual for Transition of Chronically Ill Youth to Adult Health Care
Health Care Transitions � College and Beyond
This Is Health Care Transition (Video)

Benefits, Housing, Legal & Financial Concerns
Social Security Disability Planner: Adults Disabled Before Age 22
Frequently Asked Questions by Transition Professionals about Beneficiaries in Transition
MassHealth Member Booklet
Youth in Transition and the Ticket to Work Program
Massachusetts Benefit Programs, including Project IMPACT
Age of Majority: Preparing Your Child for Making Good Choices
Housing: Where Will Our Children Live When They Grow Up?
Massachusetts Disability Services: Housing
Massachusetts Independent Living Centers
With Open Arms: Embracing a Bright Financial Future for You and Your Child
Estate Planning for Families with Sons or Daughters with Special Needs
The Special Needs Trust
Disability Law Center

Recreation, Socialization and Companionship
Transition: Recreation
Special Olympics Massachusetts
Partners for Youth with Disabilities
Friendships (Fact Sheet)
Sex, Dating and Disability: How to Help Youth Make Healthy Choices
Sexuality and Me: I Am a Beautiful Person
Easy for You to Say: Q and As For Teens Living With Chronic Illness or Disabilities