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Mission & Policy Statements
Core Values
National 2010 Goals for CSHCN
Steering Committee

Core Values:

Diversity of Membership The Consortium welcomes people with a wide range of perspectives and experiences caring for or creating systems of care for CSHCN and their families. To this end, a broad range of family members, providers, public and private agencies, health care institutions and organizations are encouraged to participate.

Flexibility of Participation
Recognizing the varying availability and constraints on participation, the Consortium does not differentiate among levels or status of participants. Members are valued for the perspective they bring regardless of the activities they can attend or the frequency of their participation.

The culture of the Consortium highlights respect for differences of opinion, experience, and perspective. Encouraging the expression of a full range of ideas and perspectives on challenging issues is considered central to promoting more informed policy-making on behalf of CSHCN. A non-judgmental, non-hierarchical structure is promoted.

The Consortium is committed to supporting the comfort and active participation of all interested participants. Efforts are made to provide information and other supports and resources that facilitate participation. Whenever possible, the Consortium seeks to create an informal welcoming atmosphere.

All activities and projects of the Consortium will strive to encourage and support collaboration across organizations and between families, providers, payers and health care organizations. All meetings are characterized by a range of participants.

Building Connections The Consortium encourages mutual support for projects and activities that may be initiated by its members. Existing Consortium Work Groups or new subgroups may serve in advisory roles for projects, enhancing connections and partnerships across organizations and avoiding inefficient replication of efforts.

Shared Leadership The Consortium recognizes the benefit of interdependency and shared accountability. A representative Steering Committee provides a leadership group to guide activities and oversee the mission. Leadership contributions are encouraged across the full membership. Financial support and in-kind contributions are encouraged on all levels.

Big-Picture Thinking The mission statement for the Consortium embraces the Healthy People 2010 goals for building a quality system of care for CSHCN and their families. Improved outcomes for individual children and families are the ultimate targets of these efforts, and the unmet needs of children and families inform the Consortium’s activities and priorities. However, the work of the Consortium is focused on developing strategies and policies that contribute to quality improvement at the system level and for the whole population.